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  • Creating Animated GIFs using Python

    from PIL import Image
    import glob #use it if you want to read all of the certain file type in the directory
    imgs=[ ]
    for i in range(596,691):
       print("scanned the image identified with",i)
    #starting and ending value+1 of the index that identifies different file names
    imgs = glob.glob("*.png") #do this if you want to read all files ending with .png
    #my files were: snap596.png, snap597.png ...... snap690.png
    frames = []
    for i in imgs:
      new_frame = Image.open(i)
    #Save into a GIF file that loops forever
    frames[0].save('fire3_PIL.gif', format='GIF',append_images=frames[1:],save_all=True,duration=300, loop=0)
    #I found flickering issue with imageio and this method fixed it.